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Upcoming Events


August 23, 2018, Thursday (Orientation August 16)
Judaism for Conversion Class Begins (year long)


August 26, 2018, Sunday
Day of Discovery -
Click HERE before registering to view the brochure and have your Class Number for your first and second choices for each of the three sessions you will be attending.  Class Numbers can be found to the left of each class description in the brochure.

Click HERE to register online for Day of Discovery adult seminar with or without lunch.

Click HERE to order child lunch only online.

If you are NOT registering online, Click HERE to print brochure and mail in form with your payment for adult seminar and any child lunches.


September 1, 2018, Saturday
Selichot - Click Here to register for Selichot (no cost) and select the session you wish to attend.
Selichot Flyer
Selichot Detailed Description