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Rabbi David Glickman

Rabbi Glickman

Rabbi David Glickman is a proven leader dedicating his professional career to creating communities of meaning. He has crafted a rabbinate rooted in Torah and relationships and has cultivated innovative programs utilizing cutting edge human and technological resources with relevant learning experiences, bringing timeless wisdom to the current day.

He formerly served as an associate rabbi in Dallas Texas, where he spearheaded a new, independent-style minyan in the far-north suburbs.  He has also served as a congregational rabbi in Biloxi, a student chaplain in Seattle and a program director at Camp Ramah.

Rabbi Glickman received a BA in Jewish Studies from the University of Michigan, studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary.  He participated in the Synagogue Transformation and Renewal (STAR) program, where he continues to be part of the alumni network.

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