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Project Chai

New Community Program

Following the April 2014 shootings at the campus of the Overland Park Jewish Community Campus and nearby Village Shalom, Chai Lifeline’s Project Chai, the Trauma and Crisis Intervention Department, an organization that works with communities that have experienced similar tragedies, was brought to our city to assist individuals in processing their fears, thoughts, feelings and concerns, and to help restore a sense of safety. This led to the formation and training of a local group of Jewish community professionals and volunteers who are ready to respond whenever and wherever within greater Kansas City crisis strikes the Kansas City Jewish community in the future. 

Project Chai team is made up of volunteers who are trained as first responders when crisis or loss occurs. Team members have been trained to assess concerns present at the scene of a crisis and in its aftermath, helping those affected to process psychological, spiritual, cultural, interpersonal and existential aspects of reacting to trauma. Team members understand the effects of trauma, and have been provided with the skills to work with those afflicted with personal loss or large scale tragedies. Team members will work on a limited basis with those involved directly in the trauma, as well as witnesses. When the Project Chai team leaders are contacted, team members will be available to provide brief intervention and follow-up as volunteer first responders for those directly affected by the trauma, their families, and individuals who may have witnessed the event.

Team Leaders

Rabbi Mark Levin

Dr. Ayala Zoltan Rockoff


To mobilize the Project Chai team, please contact the following:

(913) 327-8250


(913) 327-4622




Annette Fish, Administrator/Program Director, Rabbinical Association of Greater KC,  913-327-4622afprogram@aol.com


Call 913-327-4622 for additional questions. We are pleased that we have the opportunity to offer this service to the community should the need arise.

Chai Lifeline’s PROJECT CHAI is an effort of the Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City in partnership with Jewish Family Services and, with generous funding provided by the Wilk Family Philanthropic Fund.



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