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Welcome to the Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City

March 17, 2019
We, the rabbis who comprise the Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City are heartsick at the tragic loss of life in a New Zealand mosque; a horrific, hateful event motivated by baseless Islamophobia that occurred as our Muslim brothers and sisters were coming together for prayer. We mourn this tragedy,
and in this moment offer our support for all who grieve. We extend our prayers that G-d, (and our community) provide comfort to all who mourn; the Muslim community in New Zealand and our Muslim community here in Kansas City, as we in the Jewish community have been comforted in the past during times of mourning.
The Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City

Rabbi Doug Alpert Congregation Kol Ami
Rabbi Javier Cattapan Congregation Beth Torah
Rabbi Stuart Davis Temple Sinai
Rabbi David Glickman Congregation Beth Shalom
Rabbi Moshe Grussgott Kehilath Israel Synagogue
Rabbi Shaya Katz Community Kollel
Rabbi Monica Kleinman Congregation Beth Torah
Rabbi Jon Kleinman Chaplain in Community
Rabbi Josh Leighton Community
Rabbi Mark Levin Founding Rabbi, Congregation Beth Torah
Rabbi Alan Londy New Reform Temple
Rabbi Herbert Mandl Rabbi Emeritus, Kehilath Israel Synagogue
Rabbi Arthur Nemitoff The Temple, Congregation B’nai Jehudah
Rabbi Beryl Padorr Community Rabbi, Pastoral Care
Rabbi Daniel Rockoff Beth Israel Abraham Voliner
Rabbi Jonathan Rudnick Community Chaplain
Rabbi Neal Schuster KU Hillel
Rabbi Sarah Smiley The Temple, Congregation B’nai Jehudah
Rabbi Linda K. Steigman, MSS Temple Adath Joseph
Rabbi Debbie Stiel Temple Beth Sholom, Topeka
Rabbi Avi Weinstein Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy
Rabbi Scott White Congregation Ohev Sholom

Month of March 2019
Congregations help Feed the Hungry for Passover

April 20, 2019
Community Second Night Passover Seder
Congregation Ohev Sholom
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August 10, 2019
Community Tisha B’AV Observance

Congregation Beth Shalom TBA

August 15, 2019
Community-wide Course: “Judaism for Conversion Candidates” Begins in Fall
Jewish Community Campus

August 25, 2019
Day of Discovery' to Kick Off Year of Jewish Learning
Jewish Community Campus

September 21, 2019
Community Selichot Program and Service
Congregation Beth Torah

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The Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City includes Orthodox, Conservative and Reform rabbis and serves as the rabbinic voice in and for the Jewish community and the larger Greater Kansas City community.  It guides the community in making religious decisions for community events, supports the rabbis in their personal and professional growth and develops and nourishes collegial relationships within the Association.  The Kansas City metropolitan area, Jewish and non-Jewish, is extremely fortunate to have this long standing Association of good will and united action.


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We welcome all who seek to worship and study with us, regardless of their religious background and convictions, as the Tanakh instructs us, “Let my house be a house of prayer for all peoples.” (Isaiah 56:7)

However, we also request that all those who worship and study with and among us be respectful of Judaism and our customs. 

There have, at times, been those who believe that their religious duty requires them to testify to their faith in public and to convert Jews to Christianity.  We understand that such people act out of their personal convictions. Yet, common decency requires that all of us respect the religious convictions of the Jewish community, as well. Therefore, we cannot tolerate those people who would damage Judaism or Jews, or who would take advantage of our openness and hospitality to seduce Jews into another religion.  Anyone engaging in proselytizing among Jews at Jewish communal events will be asked to leave that event, and not to return to any events within the Jewish community.

Thank you for your respect for our religious convictions and the decorum that we request of all members of the community we share.
Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City